Dear unions: We need you back – the case for a renaissance of American unions

August 14, 2016, 09:29 am, By Mercer May -- Unions – the collectivization of common laborers in an attempt to increase their leverage over the capitalists (i.e. shareholders, equity partners) – have been a dying entity for decades now. Free marketers have hailed this as a success as it allows the market to determine wages, which, in theory, makes the economy more efficient at distributing wealth.  Certainly to some extent the philosophy of the free market is correct. By stifling union membership amongst laborers, corporations manage to suppress wages by forcing individuals to compete in a wage version of a “race-to-the-bottom”, particularly for low-skill jobs primarily in the service and manufacturing industries. This in turn allows for higher profits, which increases dividends, which makes stock more attractive, which makes stockholders wealthier. The theory, however, falls apart when the assumption that all participants in the market are also shareholders is not realized. Many laborers have a 401(k) that is tied into the stock market, often in ways that they do not fully comprehend. However, many laborers, again particularly in the service and industrial economies, do not have 401(k)s. They own no stock, they receive no dividends, and they certainly are not getting any richer even as their productivity skyrockets.

Study: Self-Service Checkout Lines Lead To Greater Retail Losses

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Retailers may be sustaining substantial losses when customers use those self-service, self-scanning check-out lines, says a British criminologist.

Do Working People Really Have the Right to Organize in the United States?

08/02/2016 - At the end of his first visit to the United States, United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Maina Kiai, starkly delivered his conclusions in front of an international crowd at the U.N. office in Washington, D.C.:

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