Whole Foods to close its downtown Davis store after canceling plans for midtown location

With little warning for its landlord, Whole Foods announced Wednesday that it would close its downtown Davis store as part of a “more thoughtful growth strategy.”

House GOP Renews War On Workers With ‘Right-To-Work’ Bill

02/07/2017 - Working Americans stood up to the political establishment in 2016 and demanded that the resources of the country and efforts of the government be devoted to restoring the manufacturing base that provided generations of Americans with good paying jobs that propelled them into the middle class.

One of the Most Important Union Fights in Years Is Happening in South Carolina Right Now

Feb 2 2017, BY COLE STANGLER - If a Boeing plant of 3,000 workers successfully unionizes, it will represent a major victory for labor in the Deep South. As opposition to Donald Trump's presidency mounts, progressives have scrambled to find signs of hope. Will Democratic senators vote against Trump's cabinet picks or try to block Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch? Can street protests coalesce into a movement at the ballot box? In South Carolina—an area hardly on liberal America's radar—a multiracial group of blue-collar workers is poised to deliver a simple message that requires no question marks and should resonate with wage-earners nationwide: They want a union.

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