Here are some comments from people who have worked with both Union and non-Union employers in the grocery industry. Want to share your experience? Contact us today!

Working Union is the best way to go because we care about our jobs and this is a career for many of us. We don’t have to deal with favoritism by a manager to get a promotion. Working Union guarantees that I have an equal opportunity to be successful in the grocery industry.

I also love it because of my health benefits and the ease I have when I need an answer to a question.

Kelly SpenceSafeway - Healdsburg, CA


Working at Walmart was bad, but working while pregnant is worse. When I needed frequent restroom breaks to relieve my morning sickness, my managers told me I wasn’t allowed to leave my post. I had to vomit in a trashcan, sometimes with customers in my presence.

I’ll never work non-Union again!

Stacy StreeterSafeway - Anderson, CA


I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my benefits or my job. I’m 53 years old and no one is going to hire a person my age. My Union offers me unparalleled job security because my manager can’t fire me just because she or he doesn’t like me. That’s why I work Union.

Paul WatkinsSave Mart - Sacramento, CA

I used to work at WinCo, where employees were frequently taken advantage of and intimidated.
I worked on a point system where being late by one minute earned me a point and calling in sick earned me two. If I earned six points, I would be fired.

Having that non-Union working experience makes me grateful I now work for Raley’s.

Kelly McCracken Raley’s - Stockton CA


When I lost my job in 2004, the Union fought to reinstate me. I was unemployed for nearly a year before I was able to return to Raley’s.

I’ve seen the creep of non-Union stores in my area and I don’t like it. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Walmart threaten to lower the high standards in the grocery industry that I’m used to.
I’m doing my part to let them know I won’t stand for it!

Dirk RizzoRaley’s - Yreka, CA

In this economy, it’s difficult to find a good job with someone who pays his workers honestly. But if I had to choose between working Union versus non-Union, the choice would be simple: Union.
My wage and health benefits are phenomenal and I know I couldn’t get them if I worked at a non-Union retailer such as Trader Joe’s.

Cyndi HowardSafeway - Windsor, CA


When my husband needed liver and kidney transplants in 2006, the Union made it possible for us to get through that difficult time without having to declare bankruptcy.
My supervisors allowed me to take time off to take care for my husband. Where else can you get that type of support? In a Union job!

Susan ImbruglioSafeway - South Lake Tahoe, CA


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