Many Americans unconvinced about buying groceries online

Survey finds preference for in-person purchases, high satisfaction with supermarkets

May 25, 2018 -- For most U.S. consumers, it will take a big change in shopping behaviors and attitudes to shift their grocery purchases online, according to a new study by Morning Consult.

Of 2,000 U.S. adults polled, 67% have never purchased packaged food or beverage products online, the e-survey and market research firm said in its “Consumer Insights On The Food and Beverage Industry” report. Meanwhile, 65% of those who have never bought groceries online indicated that they have no interest in doing so in the future.

Sixty-five percent of people who haven’t made food and beverage purchases online said the top reason was that they prefer to do so in person. Other reasons for not buying groceries online included convenience (8%), cost (7%) and uncertainty about the best online retailer to use (7%).

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