Vons participates in Retail Food Industry Negotiations in Northern and Southern California. 

Recently, Safeway/Vons has begun industry negotiations in Northern California discussions which set standards for wages, benefits and working conditions.

UFCW 8-Golden State and Safeway/Vons have participated in preliminary discussions to improve standards in the grocery industry

Negotiation Updates:


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Wages when compared
to industry standards.

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Benefits when compared
to industry standards.

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Retirement when compared
to industry standards.

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Employees have a vote
in determining a fair wage & 
benefit package.

a plus

Employees have a procedure to protest and have discipline removed.

a plus

Overall customer service.

a plus

Quality of prepared food (Produce, Meat, Bakery and Deli).

a plus

Overall health & safety for employees and customers.

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Wages up to:

Cashier / Senior Clerk


Meat Cutter


Dept Manager


Bakery / Deli


Bagger / Courtesy Clerk


Sunday and Night Premium pay


Paid Vacations


Paid Holidays



Employer paid Health Benefits with NO employee paid premiums


Employees get to vote on benefit, changes and minimizing costs


Guaranteed employee medical leave of absence



Has a federally regulated pension


Employer paid pension / retirement contributions



Employees vote on their wages, benefits & working conditions


Employees have protection on the job with a grievance or arbitration procedure


Paid leave of absence for sick leave, jury duty, funeral leave



How do we rate employers?

When YourBreadAndButter.com looks at an overall rating for an employer we look at eight main areas concerning how they treat their employees and in turn their customers.

Wages - How does this employers wages compare to similar types of stores that participate in industry discussions which determine standards in the grocery industry.

Grievance or arbitration - Is there job protection language that employees can use to reverse and remove wrongful discipline without fear of retaliation?

Benefits - How does this employers medical, dental, vision, prescription and overall health care compare to similar types of stores that participate in industry discussions which determine standards in the grocery industry.

Customer Service - How is the customer service?  Are there sufficient employees working to take care of the customers?

Retirement - Does the employer contribute to the employees retirement in the form of a federally regulated and insured pension plan?  Does the employer provide  and contribute to any retirement plan?

Food Quality -  How is the quality of the prepared food in the Bakery, Deli, Meat, Produce and other service departments?

Votes on wage & benefits - Do employees get to vote on what types of wages, benefits, retirement and working conditions there are in the workplace?

Health & Safety -  Does this employer have a good health and safety record for shoppers and customers and how fairly do they treat work-related injuries?

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