It's about Your Bread And Butter!

About is an industry-wide campaign to build awareness with grocery workers that negotiations are under way with employers in their industry and these negotiations establish, protect and advance standards for pay, benefits and working conditions for all of those who work in the grocery industry.

When workers unite together to understand they can have a role in determining their own wages, benefits and working conditions, they learn the collective power of speaking as one voice.

Industry negotiations are under way throughout California between grocery employers and the legal bargaining representatives of their workers.

About YourBreadAndButter.comThese negotiations give employees a say in their own wages, benefits and working conditions.

These negotiations set standards for the industry in our area and throughout our region.

This is an opportunity for grocery workers to say what is important to them as negotiations are underway.

While many employers are participating in these negotiations in good faith, some others decline to participate. Those companies want to make all of the decisions on their own without consulting their employees.

About YourBreadAndButter.comThose who work for participating companies receive better wages and benefits than those who work for companies that don’t participate.

Companies that agree to a contract treat their employees with greater respect. Those workers are protected against unfair treatment by their management.

Workers who have a contract like their jobs better and have better, more satisfying lives at home.

When workers are treated better, their communities are better off. Retail jobs can’t be shipped overseas, so they remain the bedrock of local economies.

When workers are treated better, they are more loyal to their employers and take more pride in their work.

We are negotiating the best health care and retirement plans in the industry.

We are protecting jobs in California.


Your Bread And Butter - How do you compare?

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