Member at WorkThere have been many workers rights laws and regulations have been enacted to protect workers and their rights on the jobs.  Many of these were either designed and written by Labor Unions or had the support of Labor Unions even when the law or regulation may not have been an improvement for their members.  For example, Unions support increasing minimum wage laws even though their contracts may provide for pay well above the required minimum wage. 

Unions and workers rights laws and regulations have set the minimum standard companies are required to provide for their workers, whether they have a union contract or not.

Below you will find links to some workers rights laws and regulations as well as other useful information on grocery industry discussions.  If you have any suggestions or ones you would like to see added please contact us.

Protecting Our Members at Work

Keeping our members safe on the job is a top priority and the International works closely with locals to strengthen protections and prevent workplace violence. In the wake of the recent attacks like the mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, the International’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Office has updated guidelines to help locals and employers keep our members in the retail sector safe from harm.

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Your Union Contract

It guarantees superior wages, benefits and working conditions

The contract negotiated between UFCW 8 and your employer is probably the most important document in your working life.

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Preventing Heat Stress at Work

HOT WEATHER ADVISORY - Preventing Heat Stress at Work - With outside temperatures starting to soar, now is the time to make sure employers are taking the steps necessary to protect workers from heat stress and heat-related illness. Heat can cause more than just discomfort. Exposure to high heat and high humidity can be life threatening. Employers should make sure workers know the signs, symptoms and appropriate first-aid procedures for serious heat illnesses.

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