Your Union Contract

It guarantees superior wages, benefits and working conditions

The contract negotiated between UFCW 8 and your employer is probably the most important document in your working life.

union contractIt is a legally binding agreement which guarantees your wages and benefits and outlines the conditions under which you’ll work.

Across the country, workers who belong to Unions usually enjoy much better compensation than non-Union workers. This is because Unions are much better able to negotiate the terms of employment than individuals.

In addition, Union-negotiated pension benefits make the retirement years much more secure and enjoyable for those who are fortunate enough to have them. With a Union contract, the relationship between you and your employer is clearly defined.

A lot of hard work goes into reaching such an agreement. Before contract negotiations begin, members of the bargaining unit — the workers seeking a contract — are asked by the Union to provide direction on what to bargain for. Skilled Union professionals negotiate the contract.

What’s in a Contract?

Your contract — also called a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) — determines almost every aspect of your working life, including:

• wages
• health benefits
• job protections (grievances)
• guaranteed work hours
• overtime
• seniority rights
• vacations
• holiday premiums (extra pay)
• raises
• promotions
• pensions
• and much more!

Note: When a contract’s term is expiring, every sentence becomes a subject for negotiations. Some employers may want to take things away and, as your representative, your Union will push for improvements. This is why negotiations can take so much time before the two sides agree.

At the Bargaining Table

UFCW 8’s negotiators go to the bargaining table with the backing of tens of thousands of members and assistance from other skilled professionals working on your behalf.

Before the contract can go into effect, it is presented to the members for majority approval. Once a contract is approved (ratified), its terms are implemented.

Because of the success of our negotiators and the solidarity of our members, settlements are almost always reached without a strike.

Contracts are enforced by you and your fellow workers, working through your Steward, your District Union Representative and other Union professionals.

As a member of UFCW 8-Golden State, you enjoy superior wages, benefits and working conditions because... Solidarity Works!


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